2014 - Mid Year Global Ranking

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2014 - Mid Year Global Brand Rankings

Welcome to our latest mid-year 2014 Global Rankings.

Yet again technology and telecom companies in general, and Samsung in particular, dominate the global rankings. Car manufacturers and discount supermarkets also make a strong showing.

Samsung appears in eleven Top 10 lists across the fifteen countries surveyed, and takes top position in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. This year the South Korean electronics manufacturer has continued to roll out more highly praised Android-based products, from the Galaxy S tablet to the Galaxy Note 3.

Google and Google+ have eight mentions along with Apple and Apple/iPhone. Google are top brand in the Mexico rankings. Facebook and Google’s YouTube appear in three rankings each, with Facebook topping the rankings in the Netherlands, where YouGov BrandIndex only surveys brands in the online category.

Car manufacturers also make a strong showing. Volkswagen made the Top Ten in four countries, while BMW, Ford, Audi and Volvo each made their presence felt on two top ten country lists. Tesla is a new entry to our rankings, making number 10 in Norway. Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Tesla and Toyota appeared once each on country listings.

Global brands had the stronger showing vs. their regional and local competitors, up 59% of the ranked brands. Homegrown and regional brands, however, took the number one slot in almost half of the country rankings. Local and international discount supermarket chains are particularly successful, taking the number one slot in the UK, France, Finland and Norway.

Two international German owned discount supermarket chains Lidl and Aldi topped country rankings. Lidl, which has a strong European presence, was top ranked in Finland. Aldi, top ranked brand in the UK, also has a large European presence and owns Trader Joe’s in the US.

Discount hypermarket chain E.Leclerc topped the French list. E.Leclerc dominates the French market enabling semi-independent stores to operate under the E.Leclerc name. No-frills supermarket Remo 1000, are tops in Norway.

China’s ranking list was topped by local sauce brand Hai Tian, Japan’s by ANA (All Nippon Airways) and local beauty brand O Boticario topped Brazil’s rankings.

BrandIndex measures thousands of brands in fifteen countries on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy browsing our mid-year Buzz rankings and look forward to bringing you more stories throughout 2014

Ted Marzilli, CEO, BrandIndex

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