Cadbury still attempting to Kraft a recovery

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Wed, 22/09/2010 - 14:34

When Kraft’s takeover of Cadbury was completed on 2nd February last year the UK said farewell to one of its flagship brands.

The depth of feeling that the change in ownership created among the public of the United Kingdom is reflected by the fall in scores across all measures that began as rumours of the takeover began to surface in January and continued in February once the move had been confirmed.

The ‘Buzz’ measure saw the biggest drop for both brands. On 18th January, Cadbury and Kraft stood at 25pts and -8 respectively, falling to -25pts and -28pts on 18th February.

Of the 6 permanent measures that make up a Brand’s Index score, General Impression and Corporate Reputation were hit the hardest for both brands.

Impression, where respondents are asked to give a positive or negative feeling about the brand, fell from 62pts January to a low of 33pts in March for Cadbury. Meanwhile Kraft’s score went from -1pt in January to -20pts in February.

On Reputation, where respondents state whether they would be proud or embarrassed to work for a brand in their current role, Cadbury fell from 51pts in January to 22pts in February. Kraft dropped from -1pt in January to -18 in April.

Since the takeover and the subsequent drop in scores, both brands have experienced a degree of recovery. Kraft reached and in some cases exceeded most its pre-takeover levels, where as Cadbury is yet to match any of the scores it received before the move was completed.

Bearing in mind how closely some people hold major national brands to their hearts it is little surprise that Kraft has recovered while Cadbury still falters, purely down to this strength of feeling. Comments about Cadbury made on the TellYouGov leaderboard reflect the attitude some now have towards the brand and suggest a full recovery may be a long way away.

Cadbury's and Kraft's 'Buzz', 'Reputation' and 'Impression' scores
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