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March Biggest Movers

US Biggest Movers

Swiss army knife manufacturer Victorinox experienced a blockbuster month in March, taking the top spot on YouGov’s US Top Movers column, which measures the biggest improvements across 14 consumer-driven metrics from month-to-month. The ranking arrives after several new product announcements for Victorinox, including the release of an utilitarian pair of “Swiss army glasses”, a limited-edition set of gold-colored swiss army knives, and a high-tech makeover of carry-on luggage.

American denim brands are also showcasing their strength as a time-tested American icon; three of the five top movers belong to classic denim pioneers. Levi’s ranks second on our list, serving as a testament to the publicity blitz the denim pioneer has driven following its highly-anticipated return to the New York Stock Exchange, with time-tested rivals Lee and Wrangler not lagging far behind.

Compare to the UK biggest movers:

UK Top Movers

Source: YouGov daily BrandIndex service for the months indicated. Green arrows indicate a statistically significant improvement in that metric over the time period.

Methodology: YouGov BrandIndex publishes the top five brands with the most-significant monthly score improvements across a number of consumer-driven metrics. The green arrows indicate a statistically significant score improvement for a particular brand metric over the month indicated. Several YouGov metrics are considered, including advertising awareness, word-of-mouth exposure, brand buzz, whether potential consumers have heard of the brand, public perceptions of its overall quality, value, reputation, satisfaction, and whether people would recommend the brand. We also weigh whether panelists report an inclination to purchase from the brand in the future, the likelihood of purchase against competitors, and whether or not the panelist recently bought products from the brand.

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