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Super Bowl - Bouncing Weiner Dogs Give Heinz a Lift

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Wed, 10/02/2016 - 19:21
Ted Marzilli
Super Bowl

There is one outstanding message from this year’s Super Bowl ads. Lots of people talking about your brand doesn’t mean it’s all positive or that it is going to move the needle for possible sales. Let’s look at two off the wall campaigns, and their different fates.

Mountain Dew’s "puppymonkeybaby" divided a lot of people right after it aired. It squeaked into the top 10 for increased Word of Mouth, but not enough to qualify for positive Buzz gains or to make more consumers consider purchasing it.

By contrast, the Skittles ads were also on the eccentric side, but they were fun and directly related to the power and taste of the product. Skittles ended up scoring high on all three metrics. The Heinz ad hit home with two of the most comforting images: cute puppies and yummy condiments. Heinz showed the greatest uptick in Buzz and Purchase consideration compared with early January figures.

There was a great showing for the perennial Super Bowl brands. People expect them to be on top, and Coke, Pepsi, Bud and Bud Light all came through.

AXE ditched the "bro" attitude for something more sophisticated - it's now "grooming for men" - more grown up, like the smart big brother giving you advice. That seems to be a good sign that Unilever's AXE did the right thing to change direction.

There were impressive numbers for the Doritos' finale in their long-running "Crash The Super Bowl" campaign but without making the top 10 in Purchase Consideration, perhaps that’s a signal that its time to re-think for next year.

Finally, a shout-out to T-Mobile, which called out its competitors over data speed and came away in the top five for Buzz score gains

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