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Grape Expectations for innocent

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Fri, 11/03/2011 - 17:30

January saw the BrandIndex team going bananas over innocent’s new superhero smoothie ad, crowning it ‘Campaign of the Month’. The multi-platform marketing activity led to increased Buzz scores for the brand, with elevated Attention scores to boot.

Often stand-out campaigns lead to sharp increases in Buzz for a brand. However, all too often, the initial Buzz quickly dies down and fades away. An even bigger challenge is to increase a brand’s Index score (the average score of all BrandIndex measures apart from Buzz). These changes usually take time.

However, innocent has bucked the trend on both counts, sustaining high Buzz scores alongside a significant rise in its Index score.

Buzz rose from below 10 at the start of January, with the superhero smoothie campaign boosting scores up into the mid-twenties just two weeks later. Nearly two months on, Buzz has remained high with a juicy score of 20.8 on March 8. During this time innocent, with a little help from Patrick Stewart, has introduced Britain to their “new squeeze” in the form of innocent orange juice.

Even better news for the brand is the increase in Index scores. This is traditionally a slower BrandIndex value to change, but innocent’s score has travelled up significantly, from 24.3 on January 12 to 28.9 on March 8.

One of the biggest drivers of this change is increased perceptions of quality, which hints that innocent’s message about never ever making juice from concentrate is getting through to the consumer. It will be interesting to see if this increase in Index can be maintained over the coming months.

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