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Wed, 25/05/2011 - 14:42

Back at the end of March, the cider giant Magners launched the first ad in their “There’s method in the Magners” series, a campaign designed to show the unusual lengths Magners’ employees go to make the cider “taste so good”.

Kicking off on March 26, the first UK TV ad featured employee Aiden Boyle, “the man who lives life as the crow flies”, in order to bring to life the importance in pressing apples as quickly as possible to get the best quality cider. This was accompanied by a second ad, featuring the unbeaten village cricket team who had honed their catching skills ensuring the apples that make Magners do not drop to the floor.

Bringing the campaign into April, the 40-second ‘Bees’ TV spot released on April 18, centres around Magners’ beekeeper Eamonn, whose bees pollinate 17 varieties of apple that give Magners its “unique taste”. Eamonn goes to unusual lengths to keep an eye on his bees - by wearing them as a beard in the ad.

From the very outset of the campaign BrandIndex saw an increase in ‘noise’ and positivity around the brand. Attention scores stood at 11% on March 24 just before the campaign kicked off, and continued to climb throughout the ensuing months to 18.9% on May 17. Accompanying this, Buzz rose steadily from 3.6 points on March 28, and with a little help from Eamonn’s buzzy bees, reached a high of 12.3 points on May 17.

One of the messages of the campaign is to highlight the quality of the product, with BrandIndex Quality scores indicating that this message has broken through. Quality scores stood at 22.6pts on March 28, and after a brief dip, rose to reach a fruity high of 34pts on May 9, showing that there certainly is method in the Magners!

*Every day, 2000 BrandIndex respondents rate brands either positively or negatively across 7 values (Quality, Value, Reputation, Impression, Advocacy, Satisfaction and Buzz) on brand perception. For each value, the proportion giving a negative answer is taken away from positive to give a single score that can range from -100 to +100.

Buzz, Quality and Attention scores for Magners
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