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CAMPAIGN OF THE MONTH - Lynx 'Excite' Buzz scores

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Thu, 24/02/2011 - 12:12

Lynx, the Unilever owned personal care brand, launched a new global campaign this month to promote new fragrance ‘Excite’.

The TV ad, set in a picturesque European town, features a group of angels falling one by one from the sky, helpless to the pulling power of Lynx’s new fragrance for men, Excite. Ignoring residents of the town, the angels make a beeline for one man, flinging their halos to the ground as they approach. The soundtrack plays a dramatic, choral cover of Air’s ‘Sexy boy’ by the group Fallen Angels. The ad finishes with the man alone in a room spraying himself with the Lynx.

The new tagline "Even angels will fall" comes as the brand attempts to appeal to a wider, more sophisticated audience of teenagers.

The TV activity follows the initial launch of the campaign on Apple’s iAd mobile advertising network which allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to watch the new Lynx TV ad, download the theme tune from iTunes and save Lynx angel wallpaper to their devices.

As the UK campaign launched on February 3, Buzz scores for Lynx stood at 3.5 points, and just over two weeks later on February 21 was 9.4 points higher at 12.9 points. Attention scores for the brand over the same period of time have seen more fluctuation, but stood at 19.3% on February 21, up on the 13.2% recorded on February 3.

The next stage of the campaign will see UK model and actress Kelly Brook star in a digital game where fans will be able to compete in various tasks to tempt her ‘Arch Angel’ character down from heaven in order to unlock new levels and receive personal messages from Ms Brook herself. The launch of the digital game is bound to ‘excite’ consumers and get them buzzing even more about the brand.

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