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CAMPAIGN OF THE MONTH - Flash smoothie to the rescue!

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Tue, 25/01/2011 - 16:29

The caped superhero smoothie swooped onto UK screens this January as innocent launched its biggest ever multi-platform marketing campaign costing 2.7 million. Set to Queen’s Flash Theme (the soundtrack to the Flash Gordon film), the ad features a caped crusader saving people as they are tempted by unhealthy snacks.

Accompanying the ad is a poster and digital campaign supported by a dedicated website, iPhone application, on-pack and in-store activities.

Echoing one of the company’s brand values ‘keeping things natural’ , the campaign has a home-made feel as they forego any special effects and simply use an innocent bottle with a piece of cloth tied around it for a cape, suspended on strings or wooden sticks.

It signals a move towards innocent repositioning their smoothies as a healthy alternative to snacking and away from last year’s push on the brand providing 2 of the government recommended “5 a day”. Last year’s innocent campaign launched at the start of January 2010 and featured a talking rabbit attempting to make healthy New Year resolutions and included press, poster and online advertising.

This year’s campaign has so far proved to be simple, yet effective, as Buzz scores have seen a significant rise since the campaign launch. On January 3, Buzz stood at 9.8pts, increasing to 24.1pts over two weeks later on January 20. Similarly, Attention scores for the brand shot up from 14.7% to 29% in the same time frame. This echoes and builds upon the success of last year’s innocent campaign where Buzz stood at 9.2pts on January 4 2010 and increased to 20.3pts by January 20. However, Attention scores for 2010 only managed to increase from 17.1% to 25.5%.

The small caped character certainly shows he has a lot of bottle and clout in attracting attention, yet it remains to be seen whether his Buzz diminishes as the New Year detox that traditionally drives health food sales come to an end, or whether he can encourage consumers to stick on the straight and narrow!

innocent 'Buzz' and 'Attention' scores in 2010
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innocent 'Buzz' and 'Attention' scores in 2011
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