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CAMPAIGN OF THE MONTH - Clarence catches the public's eye

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Wed, 20/04/2011 - 16:23

Clarence the polar bear returned to our screens in April to promote Birds Eye’s new product - ‘Catch Fresh’. The ad launched on UK screens on April 4 and features Clarence on holiday by the Amalfi Coast appearing from behind a menu in an outdoor café to talk to a fellow diner named Janice. Voiced by Willem Defoe, he tells Janice, "This time tomorrow, you'll be back in Bromley" and continues by saying she will still be able to get the new Birds Eye Catch Fresh prawns at home. It will be "like the holiday never ends".

The popular polar bear mascot forms part of the so-far successful game change in ad style for Birds Eye. Clarence has also been seen popping up in freezers to remind consumers about the high quality of Birds Eye products.

Supported by direct mail, online activity, on-pack and in-store promotions, the advert has so far had a positive effect on the BrandIndex Buzz data*. Buzz stood at 9.3 points on April 4, with the popularity of the ad causing this to rise by an impressive 9 points in just 4 days to reach a high of 18.3 points on April 8. Despite dropping off slightly, Buzz remained elevated on April 18, recording a score of 13.7 points.

The real challenge of advertising is to change the attitude of the consumer towards the brand, in this case pushing the message of quality. Quality scores generally take longer to change within BrandIndex and so it will be interesting to see how consumers react to Clarence’s message…one to keep a (Birds) eye on!

*Every day, 2000 BrandIndex respondents rate brands either positively or negatively across 7 values (Quality, Value, Reputation, Impression, Advocacy, Satisfaction and Buzz) on brand perception. For each value, the proportion giving a negative answer is taken away from positive to give a single score that can range from -100 to +100.

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