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Tue, 04/01/2011 - 14:12

Coca-Cola unveiled their Christmas season activity with a multi-million pound festive campaign starting with the return of the iconic ‘Holidays Are Coming’ TV commercial on November 12. This was followed by Coca-Cola’s new ad ‘Snow Globe’ which premiered on December 13. The ad shows a series of individuals finding happiness through the simple moments made by connecting with friends and family, all inspired by the famous beverage and is set to a new soundtrack by Grammy Award winning band, Train. Coca-Cola’s festive campaign saw BrandIndex Buzz scores rocket by 10.5 points from the launch of the campaign to November 22, as audiences welcomed the start of the Christmas period.

In conjunction with their festive ad’s, Coca-Cola rolled out a five-week national tour of the iconic Coca-Cola truck from November 11, visiting retailers and city centres across the country. The truck sampled products and provided Christmas entertainment such as Christmas choirs and brass bands in cities including Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds and London.

From the November 10 to December 10, Coca-Cola rewarded consumers with an on-pack promotion. Every hour an Xbox bundle, including the new Xbox 360 Kinect sensor and adventure game could be won using entry via text or online at Coke Zone.

The festive activity caused BrandIndex scores for Coca-Cola to rise from 18.7 on November 9 to 25.2 points by the start of the campaign on November 11 and maintain scores around this level throughout the rest of November and December. This compares to 2009, when the launch of the Christmas advert on November 14 saw an uplift of only 6.2 points on Buzz. Similarly, Index scores rose by only 4 points before returning to normal levels.

Coca-Cola remains synonymous with Christmas and their famous festive ads signal the beginning of Christmas for many. The 2010 shake up of marketing activity has clearly got consumers talking about the brand across the UK, and has positively shifted brand health for Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola's 'Buzz' and 'Index' scores in 2009
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Coca-Cola's 'Buzz' and 'Index' scores in 2010
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