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What is SportsIndex?

SportsIndex is a measure of perception among the public, allowing 7 key metrics (Buzz, General Impression, Corporate Reputation, Recommendation, Customer Support, Value and Quality) to be accurately tracked across 50 sporting events covering 17 sports simultaneously. So you can now track public awareness and perception of yours and your competitor’s sporting events on a daily basis.

Like BrandIndex, SportsIndex results are delivered through an instant-access online reporting tool so you can keep a constant eye on brand health. Because the data is updated daily, any changes in public perception can be spotted immediately and acted on accordingly.

SportsIndex operates at a national and international level, allowing you to track brand perception in just one country, compare across multiple countries and/or monitor a global picture.

In addition, BrandIndex is also included in SportsIndex so you can track perceptions of 850 consumer brands alongside sporting events.

Contact Sarah Murphy for more information on +44 (0)20 7012 6000.

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