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Profiles: Identify, Describe, Target


YouGov maintains a continuous conversation with millions of consumers around the world.

Over 200,000 consumers have been profiled on over 200,000 variables. Consumers talk to YouGov about their brand usage, brand perception and satisfaction. They share media consumption at the program level, mobile behavior and the details of their social media engagement.

Our clients use this unique connected dataset to identify and profile key consumer segments, and refine and develop target groups for customer retention and acquisition strategies. The deep consumer insights available for each segment inspires the most compelling creative and enables more effective targeting.

By providing a single source of continuously updated data we bring a simplicity and efficiency to programmatic buying. Our brand clients and their agencies can create target groups, who, can also re-contact those key groups with customized questions for a campaign-specific focus.

Agencies can directly buy against those audiences via YouGov Programmatic, which connect with YouGov partner demand side platforms (DSPs).

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