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2012 - Mid-Year Global Brand Rankings

Welcome to the BrandIndex 2012 Mid-Year Global Rankings.

Global and multinational brands make up the majority of this year’s mid-year Buzz Rankings and reflect the increasingly global nature of world commerce: more than half of the entries included are either global and/or multi-national brands.

Google remains ubiquitous in BrandIndex’s rankings: featuring in ten out of twelve countries’ rankings as well as taking the number one spot in Chile and Mexico. Samsung and Apple, heated smartphone and tablet rivals, make six Top Ten appearances, with Samsung coming top in Saudi Arabia.

Sony, a challenged brand in recent years, makes the ‘Top Ten’ rankings in four countries, with its highest rank Saudi Arabia. IKEA also makes the Top Ten in its own backyard (Sweden, Denmark, Norway) as well as in UAE.

Across the twelve countries included in the BrandIndex study, consumers in the UAE scored brands highest (an average Buzz score of 60 across the Top 10 brands), while UK consumers scored brands the lowest (averaging just 22 on Buzz for the Top 10).

The number one spot in each country often goes to a ‘hometown favourite’: Danes (Lego); Brits (BBC iPlayer); Americans (Subway); Swedes (Yes); Finns (Fazer) and UAE consumers (Emirates). Finnish respondents, in fact, seem least focused on major global brands, with all of the Top Ten rated brands in Finland consisting of local companies.

Other brands make the Top Ten in an overseas market but not in their home market: German BMW makes the Top 10 in Saudi Arabia and Chile, but not Germany. Similarly, Mexican Corona makes the cut in Chile, but not Mexico.

The 2012 mid-year BrandIndex Buzz rankings demonstrate that there are many ways to create buzz. The Top Ten lists reflect cutting edge technology brands as well as more tried and true grocery staples; major advertisers and brands that hardly advertise at all. BrandIndex measures these brands, as well as thousands of others across the world, on a daily basis and across nine individual metrics. We hope you enjoy this year’s mid-year Buzz rankings and look forward to seeing which brands continue to lead the pack at the end of the year.

Ted Marzilli, SVP and Global MD for BrandIndex

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