2013 - Global Mid-Year Review

2013 - Top US Buzz Improvers

1 Goldman Sachs (Change in score +12.4)

As America sees a moderate housing market and retail pickup, so has Goldman Sachs improved in consumer perception with a point rise of 12.4 points in 2013 vs. the same period in 2012. The financial services name recently announced it did not fear a double-dip recession this year, predicting instead slow growth as tax increases and government spending cuts look set to offset the private-sector improvement.

Goldman returned profits in Q1 2013 7% above the first quarter in 2012. It was also named in the top-100 of the 2013 Fortune Best Companies to Work for.

2 Bank of America (Change in score +9.2)

Now bank perception and the economic outlook has improved, Bank of America has gained 9.2 points to become the second-best improver of 2013 year to date. The bank has embarked upon a major rebranding operation with eight different TV spots, digital advertising and print ads. Aired in April, “Portraits” shows a family posing for various photos through the ages, with the family back-story, ending with the catchline “Life’s Better When We’re Connected.” The Bank’s profits soared in the first quarter of 2013, helped by mortgages, with earnings rising around seven times that of last year.

3 J.P. Morgan (Change in score +8.3)

J.P. Morgan launched a new campaign this year, “So You Can”, featuring a series of family-oriented spots aired in May to promote the consumer and commercial bank. One commercial, “Eiffel Tower” shows a couple thanking their babysitter by paying her through Chase’s QuickPay smartphone app.

J.P. Morgan posted sharp rises in profits this year, boosted by strong growth in lending and deposits and lower provisions for bad loans. The multinational financial services company, however, remains in negative perception, and has gained media attention in June for a lawsuit brought against it by California over credit card debts.

4 American Airlines (Change in score +8.1)

American Airlines has emerged into positive perception this year, with its proposed merged with US Airlines gaining significant media attention since being announced in February 2013. Not only has the Airlinebeen on an upward Buzz trajectory, but it also recently posted its best ever Q1 profit since 2000.

5 BlackBerry (Change in Score +7.3)

Consumer perception for BlackBerry is the highest it has been in two years, and the smartphone brand continues to improve in 2013, from a score of -2.0 during the first half of 2012. The long-awaited BlackBerry Z10 received largely positive reviews, and BlackBerry ran its first ever ad during the Super Bowl, which has helped drive its consumer perception. However, other YouGov BrandIndex indicators show the company’s brand recommendation scores remain significantly behind competitors Galaxy and iPhone. Shares in the smartphone maker dived recently after it reported an $84m loss for the three months to June 2013.

6 Galaxy (Change in score +6.7)

Samsung’s Galaxy’s brand perception has been moving steadily upwards since early 2012. Samsung showed off a smorgasbord of new smartphones, tablets and cameras in June this year, including its water-resistant Galaxy S4 and a tablet compatible with both Android and Windows 8. The smartphone brand has more than doubled its Buzz score versus the same period in 2012 amid these new tech releases.

7 Morgan Stanley (Change in score +6.6)

Morgan Stanley has had its fair share of fines and scandals, including a recent lawsuit over the Facebook IPO. But the name has still benefited from a general rise in financial services brand perception to achieve a 6.6-point rise.

Morgan Stanley recently launched its “We Are Morgan Stanley” spot, aired on TV from June, in which the provider presented itself as “striving to bring insight to every investment and integrity to every plan.”

8 Kodak (Change in score +6.1)

Kodak achieved a Buzz score of 3, 6.1 points above its first half 2012 level. The camera brand is over a century old, and has found it difficult to compete in the digital age of smartphone camera devices.
In May, Kodak launched its new tagline “Be Original” with a spot telling consumers to “be creative, be spontaneous. Be original.” Since filing for bankruptcy in January 2012, Kodak is now embarking on a reinvention plan to focus its business on selling printing equipment and services to businesses, but this new direction has yet to be carried out.

9 Bing (Change in score +5.6)

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, remains behind its competitor Google (20.5) with a Buzz score of 12.7, but is closing the gap with a 5.6-point rise in the first half of 2013 compared to the same period last year. Microsoft has been developing the search engine to improve its maps and translation services in order to lure Internet users to the Bing brand.

10 Starbucks DoubleShot Energy+Coffee (Change in score +5.5)

The DoubleShot is a brand in itself, with its own website that Starbucks developed in early 2013. But the high-caffeine drink retains the signature Starbucks logo, boasting a “bold Starbucks flavor” in three different varieties: Coffee, Mocha, Vanilla, Vanilla Light and White Chocolate. As energy drinks come under scrutiny for their health effects, the Starbuck drink has gained a moderate Buzz rise but remains in negative perception.

Top US Buzz Improvers
Top US Buzz Improvers
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