2013 - Global Mid-Year Review

2013 - Mid Year UK Top Buzz Rankings

#1 BBC iPlayer (no change)
Snagging the top spot once again, BBC iPlayer proves it has enduring appeal for UK consumers. In spite of a rocky 2012 at the BBC and fresh controversy over executive payouts, consumers continue to view the user-friendly iPlayer apart from the mother brand (BBC), which half-way through 2013 is far behind iPlayer at #21.

#2 Samsung (#7 in 2012)
This time last year Samsung entered the Top 10 for the first time, and over the past 12 months the brand has continued to soar. Whether its rise will continue, however, is uncertain; last week the electronics giant forecast weaker-than-expected profits for the April to June quarter, fuelling concerns that its growth rate may be slowing. This will definitely be a brand to watch.

#3 John Lewis (#4 in 2012)
John Lewis continues to be a beacon of quality, reliability and comfort for British shoppers. There are signs that the brand could be looking to expand its reach beyond Britain’s shores, however, after the department store announced it would open a new outlet at Heathrow Terminal 2 to gain more exposure with foreign consumers.

#4 MoneySavingExpert.com (#5 in 2012)
Britain’s favourite website for money saving tips was recently sold to online price comparison website MoneySupermarket.com, in a deal reported to be worth as much as £87m. Its new owners are no doubt keen to maintain its brand lustre, and so it will retain its editorial independence as part of the deal. The website’s high-profile founder, Martin Lewis, will stay on as editor-in-chief, and he is frequently seen in the media dispensing tips on how to live a more frugal life.

#5 Dyson (new entry)
Home appliance company Dyson is the first new entry on our mid-year brand rankings. Despite its robust consumer perception, however, Dyson’s Buzz score has been on a downward trend recently, and so the test of its mettle will be whether it can reclaim the momentum in the second-half of the year.

#6 BBC.co.uk (new entry)
The online portal to all the Beeb has to offer was #8 in our January brand rankings, and it appears that half-way through 2013 its upward momentum is continuing. While the corporation as a whole does have its problems, as with BBC iPlayer consumers are clearly not punishing the son for the sins of the father.

#7 YouTube (new entry)
YouTube has come a long way from its early days as a transmitter of college humour and gross out videos, and today the brand is nearly as ubiquitous as Google. Recently, the company has moved into new territory as an online TV brand, and has begun commissioning original content.

#8 Marks & Spencer (#3 in 2012)
This time last year Marks & Spencer was occupying the #3 spot on our list, but even then it was clear there were choppy waters ahead for the iconic British brand. By January it had slipped to fourth place, and it has now dropped even further. CEO Marc Bolland reportedly received less than half his possible bonus this year after the company reported a 14% fall in pre-tax profit. However, the brand is still in the top 10 and while many of its recent attempts to shake things up have flopped, there are signs it’s still trying for a hit. It recently released the ‘Perky Profile’ bra (self-explanatory), and Dame Helen Mirren has been spotted shooting M&S fashion adverts (no connection to the Perky Profile bra, surely).

#9 Waitrose (new entry)
Waitrose moves into the top 10 this year, indicating consumers are not viewing the brand’s purported poshness in a negative light. And far from running from the posh label, Waitrose appears to embrace it, most notably by recently commissioning Royal-in-law Pippa Middleton to write a weekly column for its in-store magazine. The company did have a spot of bad news recently, however, when tensions with its partner company, online grocer Ocado, exploded when the latter announced it would begin delivering products from less posh grocer Morrisons.

#10 Sainsbury’s (#7 in 2012)
While Sainsbury’s has slipped a bit from this time last year, in May it was awarded ‘Brand of the Year’ at the Marketing Week 2013 Engage Awards, put on in association with YouGov, for its consistent excellence in marketing. It got especially high marks for being the main sponsor of the 2013 London Paralympic Games, and campaigns such as “Live Well for Less” and “Brand Match”, which have helped the supermarket outperform its ‘Big 4’ competitors (Asda, Morrisons, Tesco).

UK Top 10 Buzz Rankings

These brands were rated using YouGov BrandIndex’s Buzz score which asks respondents, "If you've heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?"

The Buzz Rankings chart shows the brands with the highest average Buzz scores between January and June 2013. The Buzz improvers chart ranks the brands with the highest increase in Buzz between January - June 2013 and the same period in 2012.

All Buzz scores listed have been rounded to a single decimal place, however, we have used additional precision to assign ranks.

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