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2013 - Annual Rankings: UK Top Buzz

(1) BBC iPlayer (no change)
Consecutive years at the top of the rankings for BBC iPlayer clearly shows its persistent appeal for UK customers. Changes in 2013 included introducing longer exposure times, meaning viewers could watch shows for 30 days, an increase from seven days. Additionally, early adopters can now watch shows before their scheduled broadcast, thereby creating social media excitement. The proliferation of tablets and smartphones meant viewers watched BBC programmes on those devices more regularly than on computers for the first time.

(2) John Lewis (no change)
Continuing its upward trend in our ranking, John Lewis once again proved its popularity among British shoppers. Its Christmas campaign created huge excitement with an advert which centred on the poignant story of a bear who had never seen Christmas. The ad awareness rating was very high for the campaign, highlighting that the company reached its target audience successfully.

(2) Samsung (#9 in 2012)
Samsung has risen from 9th on last year’s chart to joint 2nd this year. This was achieved while fellow technological giant, Apple iPad has fallen out of the top ten completely. Samsung launched huge campaigns around the launch of the Galaxy S4 Smartphone, and the NX Android Camera in 2013.

(4) Aldi (new entry)
Aldi is a new entry at number four this year, making it the highest ranking supermarket on our list. Sales are at a record high despite the horsemeat scandal, and we can attribute that to a sustained marketing push that has highlighted both price and quality, attracting middle class shoppers from the traditional ‘big four’ supermarkets. A change of message to underline they are a not a seller of cheap products but instead sell products at cheap prices, has been crucial.

(5) Dyson (new entry)
Dyson is remains in 5th position, the same place it was in our mid-year rankings when it was a new entry. It has a robust company perception linked to its innovative philosophy and product development, which is summed up in the James Dyson award which this year went to the creators of a battery powered robotic arm.

(6) Marks and Spencer (#4 in 2012)
Marks and Spencer remains in our top ten due in no small part to its successful food division which is continuing to perform well. In a wider sense, signs of struggle can be attributed to the general merchandise division. Down from 4th in last year’s rankings, campaigns such as ‘Leading Ladies’ featuring Helen Mirren and Tracey Emin, revamping stores were part of an effort to counter the malaise. However, recent figures show this is a brand that will still face challenges.

(7) (#8 in 2012)
The online section of the BBC makes an appearance in the rankings to compliment the top spot that held by BBC iPlayer. This again proves that while the company has faced its share of controversy (most recently concerning executive pay packages), users still trust the BBC to provide trustworthy and interesting content.

(8) Waitrose (new entry)
Moving up a place from last year’s rankings, Waitrose continues to appeal to customers who seek out quality. The acquisition of Pippa Middleton to write a piece for the weekly magazine has given the brand a royal appeal. In addition, there was the launch of automated temperature controlled lockers for customers to collect the shopping they purchase online in locations that do not have a Waitrose store.

(9) Sainsbury’s (#7 in 2012)
Sainsbury’s built on its sporting credentials by sponsoring major British athletics events throughout the year to carry on its Paralympic legacy. It also formed a partnership with Vodafone to launch ‘Mobile by Sainsbury’s’. Finally, an innovative approach to the Christmas period saw Sainsbury’s launch a 50 minute film online, which was preceded by a 3 ½ minute trailer during Coronation Street.

(10) YouTube (new entry)
YouTube continues to grow and find ways to interact with users. 2013 saw an overhaul of its comments section, so that they were linked to Google + accounts. The inaugural YouTube awards were also held and streamed online featuring performances from world famous stars such as Lady Gaga.

UK Top Buzz Rankings
UK Top Buzz Rankings

These brands were rated using YouGov BrandIndex’s Buzz score which asks respondents, "If you've heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?"

The Buzz Rankings chart shows the brands with the highest average Buzz scores between January and December 2013.

All Buzz scores listed have been rounded to a single decimal place, however, we have used additional precision to assign ranks.

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