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2019 Index Rankings: UAE

#1 Emirates

Emirates is riding high holding on to its #1 spot

#2 WhatsApp

The global instant messaging phenomenon rises a rank to second place

#3 Samsung

Samsung climbs two places to third with increasing brand health

#4 Carrefour

The Majid Al Futtaim run hypermarket chain moves up six spots to fourth place

#5 Google

Google falls three spots from 2018, landing in fifth place

#6 YouTube

Global video hosting giant rides lands at #6, two slots lower than last year

#7 Almarai

The largest dairy company in the Middle East holds on to seventh place

#8 Apple

Apple falls two places to #8

#9 iPhone

iPhone keeps its ninth place slot

Samsung Galaxy
#10 Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy breaks into the top ten for 2019, snagging the tenth slot

Samsung Galaxy

Top Overall UAE 2019 Index and Improver Rankings

Top Index Rankings
Rank Brand 2019 Score
1 Emirates 60.7
2 Whatsapp 49.8
3 Samsung 48.5
4 Carrefour 47.8
5 Google 46.9
6 YouTube 46.5
7 Almarai 45.2
8 Apple 44.7
9 iphone 43.0
10 Samsung Galaxy 42.0
Top Index Improvers
Rank Brand 2019 2018 Change in Score
1 Netflix 21.8 12.0 9.8
2 Huawei 21.4 13.4 8.0
3 Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi 12.2 5.3 6.9
4 Coca-Cola 22.4 16.0 6.4
5 KFC 21.3 16.3 5.0
6 6.9 2.7 4.2
7 Downy 29.1 25.2 3.9
8 Colgate 27.4 23.7 3.7
9 Mai Dubai 25.9 22.2 3.7
10 Pepsi 19.4 15.9 3.5

Top Index Rankings by Industry


The 590 brands in YouGov BrandIndex were ranked based on the Index score, which is a measure of overall brand health calculated by taking the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend, and Reputation.

The Index Rankings chart shows the brands with the highest average Index scores for the 12 month period from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. The Index Improvers chart ranks the brands with the highest increase in Index, comparing scores from the previous 12-month period. All scores are based on a representative sample of the general population of adults 18+.

All Index scores listed have been rounded to a single decimal place; however, we have used additional precision to assign ranks.

All brands must have been tracked for at least 6 months to be included in the rankings, and must have been tracked for at least 6 months in the prior year’s period (as well as being currently tracked) to appear in the movers tables.

For more information about how YouGov’s Plan & Track data can help your brand, please click here.

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