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Welcome to YouGov’s Global Brand Health Rankings

Google tops YouGov BrandIndex’s annual global brand health rankings. In a list dominated by digital brands, the search giant stays ahead of sister company YouTube.

The ranking is based on over six million interviews over the 12 months to the end of June. It shows Samsung jumps one place from last year, climbing to third position as does messenger service WhatsApp, which rises to fourth. WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook, falls two places to fifth.

There are three new entries in the top ten. While Amazon remains sixth on the list, IKEA enters the rankings at number seven. Colgate falls one position to eighth, while clothes brand Uniqlo makes the top ten for the first time in ninth place, while toy manufacturer Lego is another new entry at ten.

Top Index Rankings
Rank Brand
1 Google
2 YouTube
3 Samsung
4 WhatsApp
5 Facebook
6 Amazon
8 Colgate
9 Uniqlo

To assess the global brand health rankings, YouGov looked at data from across 26 countries, those countries with three or fewer sectors were removed. YouGov created top 10 lists for each country. The global top 10 was created by scoring brands in each list – the top brand scored ten points while the tenth brand scored one point. The brands with the most points overall form the global top ten. All data is from 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018.

All Index scores have been rounded to a single decimal place; however, we have used additional precision to assign ranks.

All brands have been tracked for at least 6 months to be included in the rankings, and have tracked for at least 6 months in the prior year’s period (as well as being currently tracked) to appear in the movers tables.

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