2015 Mid-Year Rankings

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2015 - Mid-Year Brand Rankings

Welcome to our annual 2015 Mid-Year rankings.

Brands focusing on delivering the best digital experience to consumers and brands enhancing peoples’ lives with new ways to consume, and interact make up the majority of our listings. In the US, the top 3 is entirely made up of brands that focus on services delivered through the Internet and more than half of the list is made up of tech players.

Companies might be ill-advised however to try to follow this trend at all cost and forget that a good brand requires differentiation. A closer look at national top tens will showcase several key trends.

Brands that offer something more to their customers managed to not only keep up but in some cases stay ahead of the competition. For example, high quality products and seamless integration of an entire line of products has been a mainstay of Apple for years and seems to be paying off as the brand Buzz scores reach new heights all over the world.

Brands and outlets that promise to offer the best deals regularly make it to the top especially in western nations. In the UK, Aldi and Lidl take the top spots while MoneySavingExperts.com finishes the list. In America, Amazon, the retailer that slashes prices everyday – and now promises to deliver them to you in an hour – manages to maintain a very comfortable first position.

Last but not least, tailoring your brand to national flavors or simply flaunting national colors remains a huge seller.

We hope you enjoy browsing our rankings and look forward to bringing you more stories throughout 2015.
Ted Marzilli, CEO, BrandIndex

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