2014 - Annual Global Ranking

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2014 - Annual Global Brand Rankings

Welcome to our annual 2014 Global Rankings.

Yet again, it is the global Technology and Telecom juggernauts, particularly Samsung, Apple and Google, which dominate this year’s global rankings.

In 2014 Samsung appears in ten of our fifteen Top Ten YouGov BrandIndex rankings lists. Samsung is number one in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and made it into the top three in France, Germany and Norway.

Apple and Google make it to the Top Ten in eight countries, Google hitting the top spot in Mexico.

The ascendency of streaming content is reflected in the ascendency of YouTube, and Netflix each of which have three global top ten rankings. YouTube achieved the number two position in the US and the number one slot in the Netherlands while Netflix reached number three in Denmark and the US.
Although 59% of brands in the listings were global, the local and multi-regional brands maintained a strong showing in the number one slot. International supermarket chains Lidl topped the list in Finand and Aldi in the UK while discount hypermarket E.Leclerc was top of the French list.

Homegrown, global brands also excelled, with US global export Amazon topping the US list, DHL top in Germany, Lego in Denmark, Uniglo in Japan and Volvo in Sweden.

We hope you enjoy browsing our rankings and look forward to bringing you more stories this year.

Ted Marzilli, CEO, BrandIndex

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