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2013 - Mid Year Global Brand Rankings

Welcome to the BrandIndex Mid 2013 Global Rankings.

Technology, car manufacturers and supermarket chains made strong showings on the international lists as Samsung, Volkswagen and national supermarkets appear in the Top 10 of four or more countries.

Samsung is the strongest international performer for the second year running – the technology brand appears in the Top 10 lists for eleven out of fourteen countries monitored.

Samsung made it to the top Ten for the Brazil and China rankings, two new countries which BrandIndex is excited to debut this year along with Japan. The technology giant is the only brand to be ranked #1 in more than one country, achieving the top spot in China and Saudi Arabia.

Samsung showed off a smorgasbord of new smartphones, tablets and cameras in June this year, including its water-resistant Galaxy S4 and a tablet compatible with both Android and Windows 8.

Facebook broke into the Top 10 in Brazil, while fellow social media site YouTube was ranked in three countries: the US (#8), France (#9) and the UK (#7). Google appears in five of the Top 10 lists, making it into Saudi Arabia but dropping out of Sweden since 2012.

Car manufacturers dominate the Mid 2013 lists, with Volkswagen being a favorite in Europe. The German carmaker once more made it to the Top 10 in Denmark, France and Germany, and achieved its highest-ever ranking at seventh in Norway. German consumers rate more carmakers highly than any other country, with Volkswagen, Audi and BMW making the Top 10. At pole position in Sweden, Volvo moved up from second place in the country compared to last year.

Beauty brands were popular across the board. Nivea made it to the Top 10 list in France for the first time at #5 and snagged the top spot in Germany from #2 in 2012. Dove turned up in newly-tracked Brazil (#9) and in the UAE (#7). Home perfume and cosmetic brand O Boticário scored first place in Brazil. Head and Shoulders gained fifth place in China.

Chocolate lovers aren’t limited to any continent – Nestle made the Top 10 in Brazil (#3) and the UAE (#8), Fazer in Finland (#1) and Lindt scored seventh in Germany.

Despite the strong showing of global brands so far this year, homegrown names remained popular in each country. Domestic supermarket chains are commonplace on the lists: dm in Germany (#3) E.Leclerc in France (#1) and Marks & Spencer (#8), Waitrose (#9) and Sainsbury’s (#10) in the UK. Home furnishings name IKEA returned strong scores in Scandinavia, achieving the Top 10 in Denmark (#10), Norway (#5) and Sweden (#3).

The most outstanding improvers were train operator VR in Finland (21.3 point rise) and Visa in Saudi Arabia (35 point rise to #10). VR last month announced a commitment to investing more than $20MM in rolling stock and services each year until 2018. Visa launched a mobile app in Saudi earlier this year and launched a “Gateway to Gold” campaign with the Kuwait International Bank for consumers in Saudi Arabia.

Offbeat brands to gain in perception this year were Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark, which made the Top 10 list for the first time at #3, and the London Underground, which is the top UK improver with a gain of 10.6 points compared to this time last year.

BrandIndex measures these brands, as well as thousands of others across the world, on a daily basis and across up to 16 individual metrics. We hope you find the mid-year Buzz rankings interesting and look forward to monitoring the top brand stories for you for the rest of 2013.

Ted Marzilli, CEO, BrandIndex

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