Football veterans score goals for Sony

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Wed, 26/05/2010 - 16:05

Sony has moved away from their recent advertising format of using bright and surprising visuals that were particularly salient. Who can forget the bouncing balls ad that generated buzz rarely seen online through blogs and social networking sites and that further enhanced the consumer experience?

Their most recent ad is set in an old people’s home and shows football veterans Terry Venables and Graham Taylor waiting for a big match to start. Taylor starts shouting for his nurse (lads mag favourite Kelly Brook) to take him to watch the game. The TV they intend to watch the game on is taken away by removal men but Kelly explains that it is being exchanged for a new one. A Sony Bravia widescreen TV is brought in as the game begins. They are joined by ex-Scotland football player Kenny Dalglish, who like his Scottish stereotype assumes, will support any team other than England.

The comical 60 second advert pushes the electrical company's trade-in promotion surrounding the World Cup, which enables people to trade in an old electronics product for a discount on a new Sony one. Since the ad first appeared on UK TV screens on 1st May, ‘Buzz’ scores for Sony Bravia have significantly increased. Reassuringly, both ‘General Impression’ and ‘Value’ measures also increased for Sony Bravia to highest levels seen this year.

‘Buzz’ scores experienced an uplift of 5 points within a fortnight of the advert airing. A couple of weeks into the campaign and Sony Bravia achieved higher scores than Panasonic and matched Samsung for the first time this year, indicating the campaign has been a roaring success.

‘Attention’ scores have also shown significant uplift and are at highest levels seen for the brand, attributable to the campaign launch. Sony Bravia increased the numbers of people claiming to have heard ‘Buzz’ about the brand by 5% within a fortnight of the campaign launching.

The period leading up to the World Cup is often the noisiest, heavily advertised with lots of new eye-catching campaigns and it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. Sony once again has shown the industry how it’s done!

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