Brands failing to exploit football fever

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Mon, 21/06/2010 - 15:06

The World Cup provides an unrivalled opportunity for brands to take advantage of the football fever sweeping the globe, whether is the form of expensive advertising campaigns or official sponsorship. Four of the brands taking advantage of this opportunity are Nike, Pepsi, Budweiser and Sony. Nike and Pepsi have both launched advertising campaigns with differing degrees of success. Nike's 'Attention' score, which shows the number of people who have talked about a brand, moved from 22.5pts before it aired during the Champions League Final on the 22nd, rising to 29.6pts on 7th June. On the other hand, Pepsi's 'Attention' score stood at 10pts on the eve of the Champions League Final and has only reached 13.9pts during the World Cup.

Sony, an official FIFA partner, had an 'Attention' score of 26.8pts on 24th May and has not yet reached that score again during the tournament. Budweiser are official sponsors of the tournament and scores for the brand have been stable for most of the month, although in the last week they have risen slightly from 13.6pts to 16.4pts. With the mixed fortunes the brands have experienced over the course of this World Cup it will be interesting to see what strategy brands adopt at the next World Cup in four years time.

'Attention' scores for Nike, Sony, Budweiser and Pepsi
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