Amazon trying to re–Kindle our love for books

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Wed, 22/09/2010 - 14:36

The latest attempt by Amazon to bring the ancient art of reading up in line with modern technology has arrived in the form of the Kindle 3, and the product’s launch has seen a significant shift in the brand’s ‘Buzz’ rating on BrandIndex.

The Kindle 3 can store up to 3,500 books, with 670,000 books available to choose from on the Kindle store. There are two forms of the new kindle available, one priced at £109 which connects to the internet via public or private networks, and another at £149 which can also connect to the internet via 3G. The new version also boasts a 50% better contrast than previous models, reading like real paper, and is also lighter and smaller.

On 27th August, the day the new Kindle UK bookstore was opened and the shipping of the two new products began, Amazon’s ‘Buzz’ rating stood at 30pts. By 3rd September, the ‘Buzz’ score had risen to 37pts. A significant rise in itself, the level Amazon’s ‘Buzz’ score reached becomes even more impressive, bearing in mind it is the highest level the brand has achieved this year.

However, Amazon’s new Kindle products are not the only ones on the market designed to render and display e-books and other digital media, and another BrandIndex score shows that the news for Amazon was not all positive. The price point is relatively high for a product that has limited functionality and although more expensive, products like the iPad offer a greater depth of features. These factors are likely to have contributed to the brand’s value score of 50pts on 7th September; Amazon’s lowest on this measure so far this year.

‘Buzz’ and ‘Value’ scores
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