Amazon grocery service announcement a hit

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Mon, 19/07/2010 - 15:00

BrandIndex picked up on the publicity surrounding the launch of Amazon's home delivery grocery service this month, seeing the online retailer's 'Attention' scores reach their highest point since mid-January.

'Attention' forms the base size of a brand's 'Buzz' score and, as the graph below illustrates, Amazon's announcement of their new range of food and grocery products on the 7th of July has had quite an impact. The company's 'Attention' score climbed significantly from 32 on the 6th July (the day before the launch) to 38 on the 12th, reflecting the impact of the high level of media attention the retailer attracted in the week following the launch. The 'Buzz' around Amazon also increased, peaking at 35 on 9th July, having been at 28 on the 6th.

Although Amazon has been selling grocery products in America since 2006, the announcement that over 22,000 food and grocery products will now be available from the retailer in the UK has caused quite a stir and been met by excitement from some consumers. As one TellYouGov user commented 'Amazon is now selling groceries…awesome!'

Amazon 'Attention' score
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Amazon 'Buzz' score
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