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Available Filters (US)

Standard Filter Re-Codes
Age (any custom age range 18+)
Race (alternative options available - Asian, Middle Eastern)
Income (any custom ranges between <10K and 150K+)
Geographic Coverage
Top 60 DMAs
DMA/State Re-Codes (e.g. target/promotional markets, key customer bases)
State of Residence
Personal Info/Beliefs (Background info)
Religious Preference
Religious Services (frequency of attendance)
Parents of Children Under The Age of 18
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender
Military Veterans
Political Ideology (Liberal / Moderate / Conservative)
Political Party Affiliation
Health Evaluation (level of personal health)
Interest in News and Public Affairs
Voter Registration Status
Personal Info/Beliefs (Commercial)
Top Five Major Sports Fan
Fan of Baseball
Fan of Basketball
Fan of College Basketball
Fan of Hockey (and more sports available)
Requires Prescription Drugs for Allergies
Afflicted with Migraine
Adoption Level for Technology Products
Internet Shoppers
Online Dating Site Users
Social Network Users
Facebook Users
Financials (Job/Assets)
Job Function
Job Title
# of Employees in Company
Investors (e.g. invest in 401k, hedge fund, commodities)
Credit Worthy
Investable Assets
Days Per Week Working From Home
Home Ownership
Consumption Behavior (Frequency/Recency)

Dining (recency of last consumption - within last month, last 3 months, 6 months etc.)

Asian Consumption
Burger Consumption
Casual Dining Consumption
Chicken Consumption
Coffee/Tea Consumption
Donuts Consumption
Fast Food Consumption
Ice Cream Consumption
Mexican Consumption
Pizza Consumption
Sandwich Consumption
Consumption Behavior (Frequency/Recency)

Transportation (Auto/Air)

Domestic Business Flights - Last 12 Months (# of trips)
Domestic Leisure Flights - Last 12 Months (# of trips)
Airline Customers - Last 12 Months (airline specified)
Flown Domestically in last 12 months
Next Auto Purchase (e.g. within 6 months, 1 year)
Considering Purchasing a Hybrid Vehicle
Considering Purchasing a Natural Gas LPG Vehicle
Considering Purchasing an Electric Vehicle
Airfare Class
Price of Next Car
Consumption Behavior (Product/Company Usage)
Television Provider (cable or satellite)
Primary Credit Card-Personal (credit card company specified)
Primary Credit Card-Business (credit card company specified)
Cell Phone Carrier
Hybrid Auto (own a hybrid automobile)
Investment Customers (bank/investment house used)
Retail Bank Customers (bank used)
Smart Phone Owners
Movie Rental Source (e.g. mail subscription, video store, on-demand)
People Illustration