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Available Filters (UK)

Standard Filter Re-Codes
Region (9 breaks across England along with Scotland, Wales, N.I.)
Age (18-34, 35-29, 50+)
Social Grade (ABC1 & C2DE)
Income (low & high)
Select Sub-Groups of Standard Filters
Select UK Cities (e.g. London, Edinburgh, Glasgow)
Child ages (e.g. 0-3, 4-6, 7-10)
Ages (3 separate distinct age breaks)
Income (low/med/high & weekly/yearly)
Personal Info/Beliefs (Backgroud Info)
Child in House (Y/N)
Child aged 18+
Sexuality (Heterosexual or LGBT)
Gambling (Yes, online; Yes, high street; Yes, both; No)
Personal Info/Beliefs (Commercial)
Football Team followed
Sports (Follow & Participate; Follow & Don't Participate; Don't Follow & Participate)
Financials (Job/Assets)
AXA Segments (based on definition)
FSS Group codes
Financial products (Value of NS&I bond/certificate holdings)
Business (Management Level)
Business Sector (e.g. private, nationalised, local)
Size of Company (e.g. 1, 2, 3-5)
Consumption Behavior (Frequency/Recency)

Fast Food and Pubs

Coffee Drinker
Coffee (e.g. Starbucks, Costa)
Consumption Behavior (Frequency/Recency)


Customers of Electricity Supplier
Customers of Gas Supplier
Gas Supplier Payment (frequency and method)
Electricity Supplier Payment (frequency and method)
Electricity Supplier Changed in the past
Gas Supplier Changed in the past
Electricity Supplier Change in the future (switching)
Gas Supplier Change in the future (switching)
Consumption Behavior (Frequency/Recency)

Supermarkets/General Retail

Main Supermarket
Main Grocery Shopper Type (main, shared, not responsible)
Supermarket Primary/Secondary Shopper
(General) Retail Store Visited (last 3 months, including
(Fashion) Retailer Shopped & Amount Spent
Consumption Behavior (Frequency/Recency)


Air Fare type (First class)
Business Travellers (# of trips)
Domestic Travellers (# of trips)

Travel: Agents, Hotels & Guides

Type of Holiday
Holiday Brand Consideration
Consumption Behavior (Product/Company Usage)
Main Newspaper Read
Television on main TV (e.g. Analog, Freeview, Freesat)
Financial Product (company specified)
Financial Product (type specified)
Delivery (company specified)
ITV Region (Granada, Yorkshire, other regions)
TV Platform (company specified)
People Illustration