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Holiday Shopping 2012

Wed, 21/11/2012 - 19:07

Bargains are a top priority for this holiday’s gift shoppers. Consumers clearly have an eye for bargains on Black Friday and beyond with consumers expecting to spend 69% of their shopping budget on “sale” items. This is down slightly from 2011 where 75% of shoppers expected to buy their holiday purchases at discount prices.

Women are only slightly thriftier than men when it comes to a bargain, with women expecting to get 71% of their shopping at a discount, compared to men who expect to save on 67% of their holiday shopping. In fact, the expectation across all demographic segments captured is for the majority of 2012 Holiday shopping to be at discount prices.

Online shopping is again a big trend for this season. Expectations are that around 44% of purchases will be online – about the same figure as last year.

Shoppers are also out again early this year. One quarter of Americans expected to have completed more than half of their shopping purchases by the end of the Thanksgiving weekend.

With consumers still cautious in this sluggish economy we again chose to look at BrandIndex Value scores compared to a similar period last year.

Overall movements in value scores across categories were minimal compared to last year with the Tools (hardware) category making small but significant gains amongst Dads. Other sectors made small movements but were overall very similar to scores from 2011.

The only double-digit gains amongst the categories surveyed were again for the Tools (hardware) category. Ryobi recorded a significant 22 point gain, while Hilti, Ridgid and Dewalt all recorded double digit gains – all these amongst Dads only. Clearly Dads see strong value in supporting brands that foster their DIY activities.

Brands with top Value Scores:

Airlines » Apparel »
Big Holiday Retail Chains » Electronic Products »
Dining » Snacks »
Tools (hardware) »  

Once again, both Apple and the consumer electronics category continue to lead the rankings, but the video games brands have made significant inroads since 2011.

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  Top mentioned "must have gift" by category
1 Consumer Electronics
2 Clothing
3 Gift Cards
4 Money
5 Books
  Top mentioned "must have gift" by brands
1 iPad
2 iPod
3 Kindle
4 Playstation
5 Wii and Xbox (equal fifth)
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