New post-strike high for Royal Mail scores

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Fri, 21/05/2010 - 16:11

After the announcement of strikes in October last year, Royal Mail’s BrandIndex scores plummeted across all measures. The latest BrandIndex data for May shows that not only have the majority of Royal Mail’s scores recovered, but that many have surpassed their pre-strike levels, in particular ‘Satisfaction’.

The scores for Satisfaction, which measures whether respondents are recently satisfied or dissatisfied customers of the brand, have shown dramatic improvement. On 12th October 2009, Royal Mail’s ‘Satisfaction’ score was 22.8pts, falling to 9.1pts on 4th November 2009. By 20th May 2010 the score had reached 33.3pts, the highest Royal Mail has ever obtained on this measure in BrandIndex history.

Rumours of the strike started last summer with scores starting to drop consistently at the beginning of September. By 6th November, Royal Mail’s ‘Buzz’ score had fallen to -57.5pts. On 19th May BrandIndex figures put the ‘Buzz’ score at exactly 0pts, the highest ‘Buzz’ rating seen since 9th June last year when the score was -0.2pts.

The rise in ‘Satisfaction’ scores, coupled with increases in other measures, has meant that the overall ‘Index’ for Royal Mail has also reached an all time high this month, peaking at 19.3pts on 17th May. Whether Royal Mail can maintain these new heights will be seen over the coming months.

Royal Mail 'Satisfaction' and 'Index' scores
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