Magners-ificent campaign results drive sales and scores upwards

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Mon, 25/10/2010 - 15:24

The last few months have marked a change in fortune for Magners Cider.

The brands owner, C&C group, reported a growth in sales volume of 0.7% in the cider during the 6 months between the end of February and the end of August. This was reported by in Marketing Week on 12th October.

This is the first time that Magners has seen sales volume growth in the past three years.

The increase in sales coincided with a change in marketing strategy for Magners, which changed its strapline from “Time dedicated to you” to “There’s method in the Magners”. This was the brands first change of communication strategy since 2006.

The multi-million pound repositioning of the brand, which started in March, has been credited by C&C for the success. “The positive improvement in the brand health measures suggests that the investment has been effective,” the company said.

The first move was to announce that the company would not pass on the 10% increase in cider duty, announced by the then chancellor Alastair Darling, to Magners customers.

On 26th March, the company launched a series of tactical adverts in the written press with the text "Same again Darling. We're covering the cost of the duty increase". This was followed by a television campaign, created by the Red Brick Road, with the aim of showing that the "dedication in making Magners cider is so great that a series of remarkable behaviours have evolved in order to produce it at its best".

At the time, marketing director of Magners, Paul Bartlett said that the campaign "provides us with the springboard for future growth".

BrandIndex data shows that his hope at the time was well placed. On 26th March, the day that Magners launched its press campaign, the brand’s ‘Buzz’ stood at 5.7pts. After the launch and subsequent TV campaign, ‘Buzz’ steadily grew to a high of 19pts on 20th July.

The graph below shows that 'Attention' increased in tandem with ‘Buzz’, showing not only that sentiment became increasingly positive, but the number of people who had heard or seen something positive about the brand increased.

Magner’s ‘Buzz’ and ‘Attention’ scores
Chart Image
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