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United Airlines Customers Potentially Poised To Shift To JetBlue And Southwest

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Wed, 24/05/2017 - 14:30
Ted Marzilli

Just when United Airlines’ viral video crisis sent the carrier down to historical consumer perception lows, their customers increased their likelihood of booking their next flights with JetBlue and Southwest.

YouGov BrandIndex charted the purchase consideration data of each major domestic airline from January 1, 2017 through May 22, 2017 and filtered it for United Airlines customers who are planning to fly in the next year. Purchase consideration is our key metric of potential sales revenue.

From the time the dragged-off passenger videos went viral in early April through 30 days later, United Airlines went from 47% of their own customers saying they’d consider flying them the next time they booked a flight down to 22%. This constitutes a significant and unusually fast drop with this metric.

During that same month-long time frame, two airlines seemed to benefit in purchase consideration from United’s customers in possible backlash: JetBlue rose from 24% to 30%, while Southwest inched up from 53% to 57%.

United’s purchase consideration with its own customers has been slowly rebounding since May 9th when it hit a crisis bottom of 22% -- it is currently at 35%.

Purchase Consideration: American Airlines, United, Delta, Spirit Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest, and Alaska Air
Purchase Consideration: American Airlines, United, Delta, Spirit Airlines, JetBl
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