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United Airlines Buzz recovers after ‘lost’ 10-year-old girl

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Tue, 28/08/2012 - 14:31
Ted Marzilli
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United Airlines ran into turbulence of the social media kind this week after the airline publicly failed to help a 10-year-old girl traveling alone on one of its flights.

It emerged on August 13 that the young girl arrived on a United Airlines flight to Chicago, where she was supposed to change flights. She was supposed to be accompanied by a guardian from an outsourced firm, but that person did not show up.

She reportedly asked several employees where to go, but no one from the airline helped her catch her connection.

On the same day the story hit the press on August 14, United Airlines posted a statement on its Facebook page: “Please know we have reached out directly to the family to apologize and are conducting an ongoing investigation. The service they describe is not the service we aim to deliver.”

United’s Buzz score dipped from 2.8 on August 14, on the day the story reached major news websites, to -5.4 by August 17. But following the apology by United (and some people raising questions over the girl traveling alone in the first place), Buzz is now on a par with pre crisis levels at 0.5 as of August 23.

Buzz score for United Airlines versus Airline Sector (August 10 2012 to August 23)
Buzz score for United Airlines versus Airline Sector (August 10 2012 to August 2
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