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Twitter users engage with advertising

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Fri, 20/09/2013 - 17:37
Ted Marzilli
Twitter IPO

Twitter’s biggest challenge for potential IPO investors may be dramatically boosting its number of active users because they already have higher online advertising engagement* numbers than Facebook.

Twitter has a higher likelihood to monetize its active user base compared to some other social media companies. Twitter, along with fellow social media site LinkedIn, has 37% of its user base that clicks on or forwards online advertising at least once a month. That’s not as high as Tumblr (42%) but 10 percentage points higher than Facebook (27%).

Facebook, on the other hand, has a much higher percentage of the online audience who are active users. 68% of those who are online access their Facebook accounts at least once per month. That compares to about 20% for Twitter and LinkedIn, with Pinterest (11%) and Tumblr (6%) trailing.

When the percentages of those two groups are merged – active users and users who engage in online advertising -- Facebook has an addressable advertising audience that is 2.5 times the size of both Twitter and LinkedIn, and nearly six times the size of Tumblr.

As of Wednesday, September 18th, six days after it announced its SEC IPO filing, Twitter has also reached its highest consumer perception point of 2013, with a Buzz score above 10.

* “Engage in social media advertising” means that at least once a month, the consumer clicks on a mobile, computer or tablet advertisement, or an e-mail offer.

Social Media: Active Users, Advertising-Engaged Users
Social Media: Active Users, Advertising-Engaged Users
Buzz: Twitter
Buzz: Twitter
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