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Top US Buzz Improvers - March

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Wed, 28/03/2012 - 03:04

Tide, the month's top Buzz improver, benefited from some unusual brand coverage and surged 7.9 points. On February 28th large packets of Tide were used to clean up a major jet fuel spill at the Daytona 500. Later in March, Tide was widely reported as the plunder of choice by supermarket "Tide bandits". Apparently the orange Tide bottles are so easily recognizable and of such high value that drug dealers are replacing cash deals with Tide bottle transactions.

Old Navy introduced their Best-Tees campaign, "the greatest, most softest, best-fitting tees in the history of everything." Their high energy informercial stars, appropriately enough, a mohawked Mr T, along with Anna Farris.

Kodak which filed for bankruptcy in January had some good news for its 75 million Kodak Gallery customers. The unit will likely be purchased by Shutterfly and their photos safely transferred to Shutterfly accounts if they wish to do so.

ABC has been climbing since the Oscars at the end of February and have jumped nearly 6.4 points.

The social media savvy hotel brand Best Western was number 6 in this month's top Buzz improver list. At the end of last month it launched a Facebook booking engine and they now have over one third of a million Facebook fans.

Red Lobster fans are still enjoying their seasonal “Lobsterfest” special which started back in February.

TNT has had a busy month with coverage of March Madness games, and original series Southland built up to its season finale on March 20th.

Disney Channel had a hugely successful month and was crowned the month’s number one TV Network for kids 2-11, Kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14. If the children are happy then the parents seem to be too. Disney Buzz scores were up 5.6.

Top US Buzz Improvers March
Top US Buzz Improvers March
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