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Top US Buzz Improvers August

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Mon, 29/08/2011 - 14:03
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Coke Zero saw its Buzz scores rise 7.5 points over August to become this month’s top US Buzz improver. The US 2011 football season sees the competition between Coke Zero and Pepsi Max kick up a notch - CokeZero launched their VIP sweepstakes with EA Sports and Sports Illustrated. The brand rounded out the month with their Make It Possible campaign, where Jon Chu invites dance lovers to create a new and legendary dance move. Coca Cola sports drink Powerade Zero also made it into summer the Top Ten list, at number nine, Dr. Pepper was number seven.

Best Buy consumer tech unit, Geek Squad came in at number two. Geek Squad hosted four Geek Squad Summer Academy camps this month to help connect members of the military with their families, all part of the White House's "JoiningForces" initiative. Back to school advertising features the Geek Squad guy backpack, all helping Geek Squad to pull themselves up 6.8 points from a slight negative at the end of July.

Texas Roadhouse is up 5.9 points, at number three, despite losing its CEO to California Pizza Kitchen. The company announced a $50M stock buy-back program this month.

MTV is still suffering negative scores but pulled back 5.5 Buzz points with a strong summer lineup. Jersey Shore returned with its fourth season, and the MTV Video Music Awards delivered a welcome change of pace for a nation saturated by Irene coverage.

Fifth on the list is Aeropostale. In addition to rolling out new mobile apps for the Android, Aéropostale is letting users complete transactions with a new fully-integrated Facebook Store. The new store lets its 5 million Facebook users ‘Like’ and share items and purchases with their Facebook network.

Top Buzz Improvers US, August 2011
Top Buzz Improvers US, August 2011
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