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Thu, 07/04/2011 - 14:19
Ted Marzilli

April is US tax month, and storefront chain H&R Block and software product TurboTax have been trying to outdo one another with free tax preparation offerings to gain market share. After the New Year, H&R Block rolled out its two new 'Never Settle For Less' TV ads. Shot in an up-close and personal documentary style, these spots came in 60 second versions, with extended episodes on both YouTube and their website. The chain followed with a new promotion that turned many heads - free tax preparation for anybody filing a 1040EZ Federal form.

TurboTax, in turn, unveiled its SnapTax app for iOS and Android that allowed taxpayers to file the 1040EZ Federal form to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from their mobile phones. The app is free but filing cost $14.99.

Despite their best efforts, H&R Block had been lagging behind Turbo Tax in BrandIndex Satisfaction score until recently, when it finally managed to start closing the gap.

In the mid-March home stretch to tax return day, H&R Block pulled out of its slightly negative Satisfaction score level and in a period of two weeks, moved to within just a few points of Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax, however, is still leading on Buzz scores, although both brands have recently lost some steam.

H&R Brand and TurboTax 'Satisfaction' scores
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