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Taco Bell hits back at lawsuit

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Tue, 15/02/2011 - 10:02

Consumer perception scores for Taco Bell fell fast in the wake of an Alabama law firm filing a class-action lawsuit against the US fast food chain this January. The law firm stated that Taco Bell’s seasoned beef was only 36% meat. In response, Taco Bell’s president Greg Creed issued a video on YouTube and the company web site stating that the beef content was much higher than 36%.

Unfortunately, the video wasn’t enough to placate negative sentiment surrounding the brand and a different approach was decided. From the beginning of February, several full-page ads have been placed in major newspapers stating: ‘Thank you for suing us. Now here’s the truth about our seasoned beef.’ The ad goes on to include a detailed rundown of Taco Bell’s ingredients.

The company's transparency in dealing with the controversy seems to have worked in halting declining consumer perception scores for Taco Bell. From January 27 to February 1, Buzz scores zoomed up from -22.4 to -2.1 and Quality scores rose from -4.9 to 4.8. However, Satisfaction scores are yet to improve with scores stalling, from 26.9 down to 13.5.

Taco Bell's 'Buzz' scores
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Taco Bell's 'Quality' and 'Satisfaction' scores
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