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Super Bowl: After the Game

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Thu, 06/02/2014 - 16:50
Super Bowl

Gwen Dean told Ted “I quit.” Danica Patrick powered through a pack of body builders to top up her spray tan. In one of many Super Bowl turnarounds this year, GoDaddy featured women who were fully clothed, or at least body-suited, in ads that finally focused on the product.

Dropping the eye-candy and concentrating on the business apparently did GoDaddy no harm. Two days after the Super Bowl their Buzz scores were 17 points higher than a baseline score from early 2014 (Jan 1-20) and the highest of all the Super Bowl advertisers.

How could Budweiser follow last year’s outstandingly popular Clydesdale commercial? There was really only one option. Add a puppy. The beer company had the second highest Buzz gain jumping 8 points.

M&Ms and Doritos both made 7+ point Buzz gains post game.

Although BrandIndex has not tracked every brand with a Super Bowl ad long-term, we did add those few additional brands for a week before the game and the few days after. One of those additions, Butterfinger jumped over 11 points from the week before the game to two days after. Their candy bar ménage a trois was their first foray into Super Bowl advertising and one of the most successful in terms of increased Buzz.

Other notable advertisers include Doritos with the largest post game WOM lift with an 11 point gain. Their Crash the Super Bowl “Finger Cleaner” didn’t even make it to the Super Bowl but was one of the most talked about ads before the kick-off. Microsoft and Budweiser saw 7 and 5 point WOM gains.

Which companies can hope to see more consumers reaching for their wallets? M&Ms saw the largest lift in purchase consideration post game.

YouGov BrandIndex looked at this year’s Super Bowl advertisers using three key metrics: Buzz (Have you heard anything about the brand, was it positive or negative?), Word of Mouth and Purchase Consideration. We compared brands to a baseline average (Jan 1-20), taking a read for pre-game bounce with results from Jan 21-26 and two days post game.

Buzz: Top Improvers

WOM: Top Improvers

Purchase Consideration: Top Improvers

Pre Game Positions: Doritos tops pre-game improver rankings
Posted 27/1/14

Early pre-game results compared the baseline average (Jan 1st-20th) with a pre-game average from January 21st-26th.

Three out of five Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" ads featured kids and animals, however, they were all up against the marketing pundit favorite, a toe-curlingly cheeky “Finger Cleaner,” brought to us from Australia. This finger-licking offering may be the reason for Doritos topping the early improver lists for all three featured BrandIndex metrics.

One of the most watched and most shared pre-releases, “Make Love, Not War,” from Axe, is worlds away from their usual sophomoric offerings. Their partnership with non-profit Peace One Day makes this cinematic spot even more unexpected. Axe was the number two improver in WOM and Purchase Consideration, and number five for Buzz pre-game.

M&Ms twerks its way into number 2 Buzz improver position with a bottom wiggling teaser from Yellow – just before he was tranquilized off.

Buzz: Top Improvers Pre-Game

WOM: Top Improvers Pre-Game

Purchase Consideration: Top Improvers Pre-Game

Additional research by YouGov Omnibus in surveys fielded between 17th and 20th January and between 24th and 27th January, looked at American attitudes towards the Super Bowl event.

Favorite themes for commercials were humor (83%), action (34%), themes that run between commercials (27%) and deals or offers (27%). Women were more likely than men to like humor and celebrity ads. Although 77% of Millennials like humor in their Super Bowl ads they also enjoy being shocked (24%) much more than other demographics.

The drink that most adults plan to drink while watching the Super Bowl is in fact water (42%), closely followed by Beer (32%), and Coca-Cola (29%).

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