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The Social Network effect on Facebook

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Tue, 30/11/2010 - 11:17

Although pre-release hearsay suggested Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook did not co-operate with makers of The Social Network, BrandIndex data suggests the founder of the high profile internet company need not worry about the impression the film left with US consumers since it hit cinemas on 1 October.

According to BrandIndex data, Facebook Impression scores shot up from 40 to 50 in the 30 days after the premiere of The Social Network. Brand scores remained elevated throughout the middle of November, but begun to cool off, losing more than half their original Impression surge by the end of November.

Meanwhile, the UK has not been as responsive to the Facebook brand since the debut of The Social Network. While scores did register a noticeable lift in ratings by the end of October, the lift was both lower in magnitude and duration than what was measured in the US. Facebook scores jumped from 40 to 45 for a short two week period, but returned to pre-growth levels by mid-November.

Facebook’s UK and US 'Impression' scores
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