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Snowfall in Buzz for UK travel

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Fri, 07/01/2011 - 18:06

The December snowfall not only wreaked havoc on the UK’s transport system, but also affected BrandIndex scores for the transport companies involved. With airports closed, trains cancelled and roads at a standstill due to the snowy weather, many people were faced with the prospect of spending Christmas away from their loved ones.

British Airways and Eurostar fared the worst as Buzz scores went sliding down over the winter period. British Airways was at 5.7 points on December 14, but as the snow fell, so did their scores as they plummeted to a low of -30.5 on December 24. Similarly, Eurostar was at 2.2 points on December 10 but with passengers left queuing for 7 hours in a struggle to get Eurostar tickets in time for Christmas, caused scores to fall to -38.7 points by December 23.

National rail services began December on negative Buzz and ended the month even worse off, with a sector median of rail services recording an 8 week moving average score November 5 of -5.9 points Network Rail recorded a score of -15 on the December 1, with sub-zero temperatures causing scores to drop to a freezing -34.5 on Christmas Eve. However, it was the South of England that fared the worst with delays and cancellations during the December snowfall causing Southern, South West and Southeastern trains Buzz scores to come tumbling down over the course of December, with Southeastern falling by 14.4 points.

Impression scores also plummeted as the country’s transport system ground to a halt with British Airways scores dropping from 28.3 points on December 10 to -0.2 on Christmas Eve. In the same time period, Eurostar dropped from 16.9 to 0.7. A sector median of rail services recorded an 8 week moving average score from November 5 of -1.5.

Whilst the transport system might have resumed normal services as weather conditions in the UK improve, it remains to be seen whether the recent thaw will warm people’s opinion of the transport companies or if the New Year price hikes will keep scores ice cold.

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