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September's Top US Buzz Improvers

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Mon, 01/10/2012 - 15:42
Ted Marzilli
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This month’s US Buzz improvers list includes several companies capitalizing on long-awaited product releases.

Walgreen’s has had a busy month, starting with completing the purchase of a regional drugstore chain with 144 locations across the mid-South. Likely contributing to the brand’s Buzz boost is the recent introduction of a rewards program, which allows customers to redeem points gained from purchases for up to $50 in free merchandise.

Apple is no surprise on this month’s Buzz improvers list. The introduction of the iPhone 5 meant endless media coverage of the device and long lines of expectant customers outside stores. Despite the negatively reviewed new iOS 6 maps application, the brand gained 7.5 points in Buzz this month as consumers praise the most recent iPhone’s lean profile, fast camera, and slick graphics.

Papa John’s raised its Buzz index, coinciding with the launch of its seasonal football campaign featuring Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and offering America the chance to win one of two million free large one-topping pizzas. The third-largest pizza delivery business in the nation celebrated the opening of its 4,000th location on Long Island earlier in September.

Verizon Wireless has upped its Buzz this month by announcing that it will finally be releasing the long-awaited Android 4.1, “Jelly Bean,” to users of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. At the same time, customers continue to shift over to Verizon’s increasingly popular “Share Everything” plan that the carrier released at the end of June. Finally, in a new advertising venture, the company has partnered with select NFL bloggers across the country to increase the profile of its devices and network options.

Kindle, Amazon’s e-reader, is no longer being sold by Wal-Mart. Despite this retail blow, Kindle continues to score points with the positive reviews of its new Fire HD 2. Praised for its low price and high-resolution screen, this most recent iteration of the Kindle has the brand holding strong.

Campbell’s has launched two new advertisements to raise its profile. In a commercial introduced early this month, Victor Cruz of the New York Giants is surprised when his mother pushes him a bowl of soup on the sidelines of a football game. Campbell’s has also developed a limited-edition line of cans with designs inspired by Andy Warhol’s art to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the artist’s famous piece “32 Campbell’s Soup Cans.”

Twitter rounds out the top ten Buzz improvers this month as it continues to attract everyone from Hollywood celebrities to Washington politicos, voicing their thoughts in 140-character messages.

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