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September US Buzz Improvers

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Tue, 27/09/2011 - 18:20
Ted Marzilli
FOX - X Factor

The top US Buzz Improver for September is FOX with an 8 point jump in Buzz score. FOX debuted the latest Simon Cowell talent contest, X Factor, on September 21st. Despite much advance publicity and razzmatazz the ratings were ultimately disappointing, so we may see FOX fall back to earth next month.

There are three airlines on the Top 10 list this month, with Southwest and United at two and three, and Delta at number ten. The increase may be driven by the price rollback after the FAA reinstated airline taxes. All three airlines took an unpopular airline tax holiday during July’s debt ceiling drama, and were accused of ramping up prices while the FAA waited for re-authorization.

The Doritos scores have been climbing since the beginning of September, closing the month at 27.2 fourth top Buzz improver. Doritos creator Arch West sadly died this month at the age of 97. His family plans to bury him with his chips.

Borders seem to enjoying a bounce back to positive scores after they failed to find a buyer back in mid July. Buzz has bounced back as Barnes & Noble has looked to purchase Borders.

Apple’s Mac brand may be enjoying the halo effect of goodwill extended to Apple after co-founder and long term CEO Steve Jobs handed the reins to Tim Cook at the end of August. The brand finished September at number six with a 20.5 score.

Toyota continues their recovery from their PR issues with a 6 point bump to 20.2. The Toyota Camry revamp was announced in Sept and models are expected in showrooms in early October.

Top Buzz Improvers US, September 2011
Top Buzz Improvers US
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