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Schick’s “Pitch Perfect” Bring Highest Ad Awareness In Two Years

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Tue, 28/04/2015 - 20:38
Ted Marzilli

Hopping on the “Pitch Perfect” sequel bandwagon with its newest campaign appears to have paid impressive dividends for Schick: the brand just reached its highest ad awareness levels with women since early 2013.

Schick’s ad awareness tripled over the past four weeks, moving from 3% of women reporting they’ve seen a Schick ad in the past 14 days to 9% currently.

The payoff may benefit Schick’s bottom line too: the campaign’s early April kick-off coincided with a rise in its female purchase consideration, one of YouGov BrandIndex’s key potential revenue metrics. In the past four weeks, the percentage of women who said they would consider purchasing from Schick when next shopping for a consumer product rose from 14% to 20%.

The campaign’s apparent effectiveness has also closed the gap between Schick and longtime rival Gillette in both metrics. For example, the difference between the two companies in March ad awareness was approximately 10 percentage points, and it’s now down to two. Likewise, the current gap in purchase consideration is five percentage points, compared to one month ago when it was twice that amount.

Ad Awareness: Schick, Gillette
Ad Awareness: Schick, Gilette
Purchase Consideration: Schick, Gillette
Purchase Consideration: Schick, Gilette
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