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Sauce for Concern

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Tue, 29/11/2011 - 10:31
Loyd Grossman

Earlier this month, on November 13, came the news that certain jars of Loyd Grossman curry sauce were being recalled after two people were taken to hospital with botulism poisoning.

TV presenter Loyd Grossman was said to be “devastated” after the botulism poisoning cases came to light.

Unfortunately the sauce, made by Premier Foods, is one of the key brands that the new Chief Executive Mike Clarke was targeting to help stabilise the company.
So is this going to permanently damage the brand or is it nothing more than a short storm in a tea-cup?

BrandIndex, the daily brand tracker, shows that Attention scores quadrupled between November 11 and November 23 from 10% to 40%. Buzz was also affected as scores significantly dropped from -3 points to -37 points over the same time period.

Index scores dropped from 3.9 to -10 over the same time period but encouragingly in the last couple of days have shown small signs of recovery.

This incident has resonated with the public to a far greater extent than a recall back in March 2010, when there were fears of glass in Lloyd Grossman pasta sauces. Then, Buzz scores dropped from 5 points to -13 points but quickly recovered back to levels seen prior to the recall.

Whether Loyd Grossman sauces bounce back to levels seen before the incident remains to be seen.

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