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Samsung Note 7: Crisis Continues

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Wed, 12/10/2016 - 02:37
Ted Marzilli
Samsung Note 7

This week Galaxy Note 7 announced that it is permanently ceasing production. The small rebound made by the brand in consumer perception in the first few days of October seems to be reversing with the news.

Samsung experienced a more than 30-point drop starting with the announcement of battery fires in late August and worldwide recall on September 2nd. The brand looked to have bottomed out with a Buzz score of -7 at the end of September, and scores rebounded slightly to -5 by October 2nd

On October 2nd, however, Southwest Airlines evacuated a plane after a replacement Note 7 ignited onboard the plane. On October 9th AT&T and T-Mobile stopped issuing the smartphones in the wake of the worldwide security concerns. BrandIndex buzz scores have now dropped back down to -7.

YouGov BrandIndex measured Samsung perception with its Buzz score metric, which asks respondents: "If you've heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative. Buzz scores can range from 100 to -100 with a zero score equaling a neutral position.

Buzz: Samsung
Buzz: Samsung
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