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Rewe and Edeka fighting for customers

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Wed, 23/07/2014 - 20:40

German supermarket chains Rewe and Edeka have chosen two very different strategies in order to attract new customers.

German supermarket chain Edeka’s “supergeil” campaign is probably still ringing in German shoppers’ ears. Edeka launched their cheeky YouTube videos back in February featuring German electro-pop musician and actor Friedrich Liechtenstein and “supergeil” which means both super-cool, and super-horny. Their Buzz, and purchase consideration metrics lifted substantially with sustained growth throughout March and April.

Then another supermarket chain fighting for customers scored a coup: Rewe.

Rather old-fashioned and with no viral video, Rewe overshadowed Edeka by announcing they would accept Payback cards. Buzz scores for Rewe shot up, and at the beginning of April Rewe passed Edeka in terms of positive perception.

Instead of “fun”, Rewe’s message is to gain points and save cash. For the first time in months Rewe’s Buzz score topped competitor Edeka. Following the Payback launch up to 47 percent of respondents, who were aware of Rewe’s, indicated that they would consider Rewe when choosing a supermarket - as opposed to 41 percent at the beginning of 2014.

Although ‘supergeil’ found its way into everyday language, Rewe’s budget driven marketing strategy initially looked as if it might be more sustainable than Edeka’s. Rewe’s Payback, which was originally meant to be a customer loyalty program, was working as a client acquisition engine. Rewe’s purchase consideration metrics and customer base saw some explosive growth between early April and mid- June, however, Edeka has fought back with more humor.

Well timed for the German FIFA success, Edeka’s latest campaign features a well-known German football manager, Rainer Calmund, who is now often seen in kitchen shows. Famously heavily built, the joke hangs around a child’s misapprehension that he might be getting a baby soon – no he will get “10 steaks, 6 pounds spareribs and 20 sausages.”

Edeka purchase consideration scores jumped to 48% from 43% in May while Rewe’s are hovering around 44%.

Buzz: Edeka, Rewe
Buzz: Edeka, Rewe
Purchase Consideration: Edeka, Rewe
Purchase Consideration: Edeka, Rewe
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