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The Red/Blue Brand Rankings 2016

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Wed, 19/10/2016 - 13:52
Ted Marzilli
Fox News

Two years ago, Fox News Channel was the 10th best perceived brand by Republicans. Last year, they slipped to number 15, and now, they come in at number 50, a significant drop matching the cable network’s trending since the summer of 2015, when the Republican primary debates kicked off.

Brand preference by party affiliation is not as polarizing as getting a bill passed in Congress: Amazon and Band Aid are in the top three positions of Democrat, Republican and Independent rankings. Craftsman, Dawn, and Clorox are also shared among the parties.

But outside of those common names, there are some differences across party affiliations:

· Brands that are only in Republican Top 10: M&M’s, Johnson & Johnson, Pillsbury.
· Brands that are only in Democrat Top 10: Netflix and Dove.
· Brands that are only in the Independent Top 10: Quaker and Home Depot.
· Independents have one more brand in common with Democrats (Amazon, Band Aid, Google, Craftsman, Clorox, YouTube, Dawn) than Republicans (Amazon, Craftsman, Clorox, Dawn, Lowe’s, Band Aid).

YouGov BrandIndex’s entire universe of 1,500+ consumer brands was measured with its Index score, the company’s centerpiece indicator of brand health, combining sub-scores of General Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Reputation, and Willingness to Recommend. All results were filtered for respondents’ political party affiliation. All respondents were adults 18+.

YouGov BrandIndex’s Index score ranges from 100 to -100 and are compiled by subtracting negative feedback from positive. A zero score means equal positive and negative feedback.

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Index: Democrats
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