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Quiznos gets quick boost as chain invests in the future

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Mon, 10/09/2012 - 12:42
Ted Marzilli
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Quiznos is in the midst of a comeback attempt in the US sandwich market. The national chain was badly hit by the recession – it closed around 1,500 US stores in 2010 and 2011 while cutting back on TV advertising. But since May 2012, Quiznos has kicked up its presence with a new tagline, TV spots and revamped menu.

This led to a short-lived perception boost above the QSR Dining Sector in May 2012 among consumers who regularly visit sandwich shops. Buzz score among people who ate sandwiches at least once the previous 3 months had a 7 point rise in the May 1 to June 27 period. This coincides with a “Qrave Quiznos” TV spot and new menu which rolled out from May 9, along with specials such as the $5 foot-long subs.

During that same time period, Buzz for the overall QSR Dining sector increased modestly from 11 to 13, while Quiznos rival, Subway, increased 5 points from 46 to 51.

Quiznos started TV advertising again after it was acquired by a private firm in January 2012, which brought with it a $150m cash boost. Since then, the chain announced it would be making 250 store openings in the coming year. Other planned investments include revising their store design to create a more modern look with stainless steel, woodwork and softer colors. In an interview with QSR magazine, Sean Fitzgerald who heads franchise development for Quiznos, said the chain does not expect immediate results: “These growth plans aren’t overreaching and they’re centered on the long-term.”

The July and August period has been quiet for Quiznos marketing, and perception among sandwich consumers reflects this – Buzz has gradually declined from 19 on June 27 to 6. on August 28. The brand fell below perception of the QSR Dining Sector, which also experienced a fall in this period.

Buzz score for Quiznos and QSR Dining Sector among sandwich consumers (at least once in past 3 months)
Buzz score for Quiznos and QSR Dining Sector among sandwich consumers (at least
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