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October US Top Buzz Improvers

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Thu, 27/10/2011 - 16:09
Ted Marzilli

Apple and iPhone both feature in this month's Top Ten US Buzz Improver list. Steve Jobs, the visionary in the black turtleneck who co-founded Apple, lost his fight with pancreatic cancer on October 5th. Massive media coverage, and a public outpouring of thanks for Job's impact on the world of technology, combined to make Apple October's top Buzz improver with a 10.9 point lift.

Apple's iPhone came in at number seven. The iPhone 4S launched in mid-October, featuring speedier downloads, faster processing and Siri, the virtual, voice-activated personal assistant. Any iPhone iOS 5.0 upgrade issues were eclipsed by the catastrophic outages experienced by Blackberry users.

Progresso has been running a mail-in rebate on Progresso Thick and Hearty Soup and was the second highest Buzz improver for October. The coupon boards are awash with the rebate offer - although some wonder if the coupon is really worth the stamp. Mail-in programs are a great tactic for building direct marketing lists.

Although still in negative figures Blockbuster is the number three Buzz improver on the list, jumping 6.9 points. Blockbuster has unveiled a streaming service to compete with still stumbling Netflix.

TBS is doing well at number four with a 6.8 point lift. Apart from their usual popular programming TBS has been offering extensive MLB coverage.

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