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Not just ‘good with food’

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Tue, 08/02/2011 - 17:58

The Co-operative launched a new multi-platform campaign on January 3 to assert their position in the food market as a values-led, locally minded alternative to the big four supermarket chains.

Using the new tagline ‘good food within easy reach’, the brand aims to encourage people to change their shopping habits and shop locally, highlighting the importance of celebrating quality time with the family rather than spending time doing the weekly food shop.

The campaign consists of 2 ads featuring a husband and a wife. The first ad kicks off with a man making a plea to his wife about the things he would rather be doing than the weekly shop such as feeding the ducks, having a lie-in and spending time with the children. The second ad features his wife’s 60 – second reply. The new ads coincide with a 12 month deal with TV channel ITV to sponsor the National Weather forecast. The campaign has so far seen a positive effect on BrandIndex scores for the brand.

On January 3, Buzz scores for The Co-operative stood at 1.7 points, yet as the campaign took off, scores for the brand increased by a massive 20.1 points to 21.8 points by January 21. The new campaign has so far managed to maintain momentum and on February 4 stood at 19.2.

Index scores have also gone through the roof for The Co-operative with all measures recording dramatic increases since the campaign launch. Standing at -2.0 points on January 3, Index scores reached a high of 26.5 points on January 26, only dropping off slightly to 25.0 by February 4.

BrandIndex scores clearly show a changing attitude amongst consumers towards The Co-operative brand, but can it change consumer’s shopping habits?

The Co-operative 'Buzz' scores
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The Co-operative 'Index' scores
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